Ivan Ergish photos of the Nez Perce Railroad's interchange with the Camas Prairie.

Here are some photos of Craigmont, ID courtesy of John Henderson.

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Water tank and base of the Nezperce wye at Craigmont. The purpose of the thing on the left is unknown. Note there appears to be TWO tracks across the top of the wye with the rails removed from the lower one but the ties still remaining. May 4, 1952.

Craigmont Interchange and yard # 1 and # 2 July 4, 1971 shows the Nezperce mainline, runaround siding, siding, and interchange track. The boxcars are on the interchange track. The gondola is on the siding. The flat car of ties that appears to be on the main line is actually on what appears to be the siding with the track connecting to the interchange being the main line. That's Lee Tillotson in the far left of # 2

Craigmont interchange and yard # 3: July 4, 1971. This is standing on the main line at the end of the siding with the tie flat on it. From this end the speeder and trailer are on the siding. I will leave thoughts and comments about the track conditions show here to others.

Craigmont interchange and yard # 4: March 8, 1981. The mainline, first yard track and interchange track are to the left. Comments on the siding that Ivan was standing on are left to the observer.

Craigmont wye January 29, 1967. The tail of the wye and the east track have been rebuilt for the fertilizer dealer to the left. The west track of the wye is still in place but definitely out of service.

Craigmont wye March 8, 1981: Note the two tank cars of fertilizer on the track across the top of the wye and that the west tracks of the wye are gone.

Craigmont lcl building January 27, 1967. The CSP main is to the right on this photo. The building to the left was the Nezperce lcl building. Apparently the upper track on the top of the wye ran to here and was later used for the fertilizer tank cars. The plans to the right are the transfer ramp for lcl from the CSP to NRR.

Craigmont depot January 29, 1967.